Your arrival on Binongko Island will be greeted with beautiful views. The island is surrounded by towering cliffs and beautiful beaches with white sand. This view is made even more perfect by the presence of people’s houses that still look traditional and reflect the characteristics of the local area. The houses are located around the edge of the cliff. Here there are also diving spots that are no less interesting.

For those of you who like diving, this place can be an amazing experience. The underwater beauty holds an interesting charm. Because it is still rarely visited, causing the sea here still looks clean and beautiful. In addition to marine tourism, the mainland area on Binongko Island is also a special attraction for tourists who visit. One of the places that you can visit is Bukit Koncu Pacua. which is also known as the Ship Hill. This hill is one of the historical sites for the local community. This hill is known to be the first settlement of the island’s inhabitants.

Binongko Island still has an ancestral cultural heritage in the form of the traditional Balumpa dance. This dance is usually held when there is a big event in the Wakatobi Regency area. Even this art is specifically shown for the tourists who visit.