Just before entering the village there is a rocky entrance to the ocean. It is rather difficult to pass, and requires a short climb down the rocks, but if you make the effort, a heart-stealing snorkeling spot awaits you. Swimming out above the reef you will see a huge coral fan garden just below you.

Small Fish - Photo by Guntur

Topa Labago

If you want to cool down and refresh afterward, head to “Topa Labago,” a fresh water spring. It is only a 5-minute drive from the snorkeling spot. Any local can point you in the right direction, as among the many springs in Binongko, this is the most popular. The hard rocks that surround the clear water keep the temperature low. According to the locals, Topa Labago has been used for hundreds of years.

Swimming at Topa La Bago - Photo by Putu Aditya