All forms of accommodation are found in Wakatobi - from a luxury 5-star resort to family-run hotels or authentic guesthouses. There are no chain hotels in Wakatobi. Thus booking via email or online platforms is still a new practice among most accommodation providers. Best is to pick up the phone (usually cell phone, not land line) to ensure there is a room available or simply travel to the islands and book locally. (The accommodations are listed in alphabetical order)

Accommodations in Kaledupa

There are several lodges and homestays spread around Kaledupa such as Madya Siru, MM Homestay, Angga Homestay, Lyan Inn and Agung Inn. Please consult your tour operator to arrange the accommodation here or simply head to the island and find a suitable place on arrival.

Other Accommodations

The heart-warming hospitality of the people of Wakatobi also means that you will always find a nice and budget place to stay, no matter how remote the area is. Staying at a resident’s home gives you an authentic experience that is hard to forget. Enjoying amazing home-cooked traditional Wakatobi dishes and dwelling into the culture of your hosts are just two of the experiences worth taking. Many will happily offer to be your guide, providing valuable knowledge about the area.