Most beaches boast white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water. When you get thirsty there are plenty of fresh coconuts that can be harvested straight from the trees around you.

Fishermen at Binongko Beach

One Melangka

The only beach considered somewhat popular is One Melangka. It is located just off the ring road, making it a favorite spot for people from nearby villages to gather for picnics on the weekend. Despite its local popularity, however, it is still comes nowhere near being crowded. The numerous coconut trees are a perfect distance apart to hang your hammock and doze the day away. Little ships made by local kids float in the calm seas, adding to the tranquility of One Melangka. After enjoying the amazing sunset you can watch fishermen spear fishing with flashlights throughout the evening.

One Melangka Beach

Palahidu Beach

Another breathtaking beach is Palahidu Beach. An old, square-shaped stone fort overlooks the long white sand beach, which is easily accessible and is around 2.5km from Rukuwa.

And many more beaches

Other beaches also worth a visit are Yoro Sampu, Buea Buku Wali and Mbara-Mbara.

Palahidu Beach - Photo by Amal Hermawan