The conditions here can be erratic so it is essential to seek advice from an experienced guide who is able to evaluate the conditions above and below the water. Strong currents mean this site is unsuitable for inexperienced divers and can even render it impossible to dive.


Marine Bio Diversity

Green sea turtles, snapper, grouper, bumphead parrotfish, cockatoo fish and other members of the carangidae family are also common here.



Located in the north of Binongko, this dive begins on the eastern side of the light-house. From the beginning, this dive will challenge even the most experienced di-vers, with waves and currents throwing divers around after jumping off the boat. Once all divers are ready, descend to 15m and swim to the east, following the slope. The slope descends more than 40m and expert divers will be rewarded by the sight of huge schools of big eye trevally curiously following along.