In Binongko you can visit skilled machete makers as they transform steel from car springs into sharp blades guaranteed to cut. The tough men of Binongko get their first machete at a very early age, at a time when children in other regions and countries usually start going to elementary school. The sound of iron hammers striking the hot blades can be heard throughout the villages, while the smoke from the hot fires will indicate the numerous blacksmith huts. Visitors are also invited to participate in a blacksmith workshop to make their own knife with the support of the professionals.

Getting There

The Tukang Besi can be found in most villages around Binongko. A great place to visit them is Popalia village, as their huts are located directly on the cliff’s edge and overlook the ocean. To reach Popalia, take the ring road from Wali to the north. After 25km, roughly 45 minutes by motorbike, you will reach Popalia village. The black-smiths can be found on the right side of the ring road. When traveling by airplane, please note that you are only allowed to take knives, swords or machetes in your checked-in luggage, not your cabin baggag

The Blacksmith - Photo by Dulan Ode
The Blacksmith and their Machetes - Photo by Guntur