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Wakatobi WAVE

Wakatobi WAVE is a grand annual event held in Wangi Wangi every November. This event goes beyond any ordinary cultural festival.

Festival Barata Kahedupa

Barata Kahedupa is a large traditional festival held in Kaledupa, typically in September. The festival aims to illustrate the richness of the island’s culture and heritage.

Festival Pulau Tomia

This festival is held on Tomia Island, usually after Idul Fitri. The festive people of Tomia gather for ceremonies, energetic dances and a celebration of their island’s spirit.

Festival Pulau Tukang Besi

This festival highlights one of the most important aspects of the Wakatobi identity. In the past, the chain of islands now known as Wakatobi, used to be called “Pulau Tukang Besi”—the Blacksmith Archipelago.

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About Wakatobi

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