Despite its untouched appearance - Sowa mangrove forest does not have a natural origin.

It was planted long ago, during the time of the Butonese Sultanate. Why they chose to carefully sow the mangrove seedlings remains unknown today. The whole forest is protected by adat law and is therefore well preserved. The trees are gigantic, with some reaching over 30m tall.

Under the Canopy of Leaves

Not only can audiophiles enjoy the songs of the birds, they can also trace the beautiful sounds back to the singer. Meanwhile at ground level numerous monitor lizards can be seen wandering the terrain with ease, fleeing as soon as they hear any suspicious sounds. These lizards are often called the ‘small brother’ of the Komodo dragon. Hundreds of dragonflies also flutter overhead, illuminated by the rays of the sun that filter through the thick canopy of leaves.

Getting There

The forest is around 1km long and not very wide and is located just by the ring road near One Melangka Beach, around 20km from Wali village. Follow the ring road to the north with the ocean to your right. After 8km you will pass through Rukuwa vil-lage, which has a harbor. Continue following the road, passing through Bante and Taipabu villages. After roughly 30 minutes the forest will appear on your left.