Kaledupa Island takes its name from “Kauhedupa”- which means incense wood.

Lariangi Dance - Photo by Amal Hermawan

Before the arrival of the Butonese in Wakatobi, Kaledupa was the island of the ruling kingdom. Stepping foot on Kaledupa you will instantly be taken by the island’s glorious beauty and come to understand why the royals chose it as their home. Coconut trees and mangrove forests greet you at the shoreline and behind them lays the most fertile land in Wakatobi.

The island is home to peaceful villages of beautiful wooden stilt houses with gardens full of shady trees from which the many birds give free music concerts each day. The quiet calm of the island’s forest, and the sight of its rolling green hills, will steal your heart immediately.

Dive Sites in Kaledupa

Near the island of Kaledupa, surrounded by pristine coral, lies its small neighbor, Hoga Island. Thanks to its unique and rich underwater world many student researchers regularly reside on this island and take part in a program run by Operation Wallacea, an organization focused on conservation research.

This small paradise hosts no less than 22 dive sites, all of which can be accessed within 30 minutes by boat. Channel Drop Off, Outer Pinnacle, The Ridge, Coral Garden, North Wall, Pak Kasim´s and Baby Batfish are the most popular. Your local dive operator will know which spots suit you best. On Hoga there are a few dive operators and two resorts who offer diving. Kaledupa also has a few dive sites, Kaledupa Double Spurs being the most popular of them.