The largest number of dive sites in Wakatobi.

Tomia Underwater – Photo by Ebram Harimurti

Tomia is highly regarded for the beauty of the underwater world that surrounds it. But curious visitors who keep their eyes open will soon notice this beauty does not stop at sea level. Arriving from the ocean, the island’s wild white-sand beaches and soaring cliffs await you.

Many lively villages are spread throughout Tomia as well as an ancient heritage site. Discover the nearly unexplored neighboring islands with their unique wildlife and incredible beaches, or head to Tomia’s night market for local delicacies. Thanks to its popularity among divers, the island has good infrastructure with many hotels and homestays waiting for your arrival.

Dive Sites in Tomia

Tomia is the most famous destination for diving in Wakatobi. Numerous hotels, homestays, guesthouses, a luxury resort and many dive operators have gathered on Tomia and its small neighboring island. The crystal clear waters around the island host more than 40 dive sites that have been named and mapped. Most of the dive sites are easily accessible by boat. To choose a dive spot that suits your expecta-tions, level of experience and the season the best, ask a local dive operator. The most popular and loved dive sites are the Wreck of Kulati, Roma, Mari Mabuk, Ali Reef and Niko Alu of Kulati.