Sombu is the most popular diving and snorkeling spot in Wangi-Wangi and is reachable within 20 minutes from the town of Wanci by car. Because of this accessibility it is frequently dived. Divers simply need to park their car or boat at the jetty and they are ready to go. The entry point is a long jetty. From there, you can just take a giant step and jump straight into the sea. During the right season the vibrant colors of the corals and fish are visible from the jetty. Begin the dive at the start of the jetty (or the western side if you use the stairs) and follow the wall to the north.

Clown Fish - Photo by Guntur

Marine Bio Diversity

Beautiful hard corals dominate the shallower waters and once diving deeper you will begin to discover a variation of hard and soft corals covering the steep slope. Various marine species such as trevally, snapper, fusilier, sweetlips, wrasse, grouper, damselfish, butterfly fish, cardinal fish, angelfish, anthias and triggerfish, as well as sea snakes and much more can be found here. More experienced divers can continue until the cape, which is shaped like a man’s face. Turn back to the jetty and ascend to the shallower water, where schools of small fish usually swim, making this spot perfect for photographs with the jetty pillars in the background. Macro enthusiasts can try a night dive to spot various nudibranch, octopus, shrimp and other marine life under torchlight. Traditional fishermen sometimes go fishing at nighttime using spear guns or traditional fishing equipment.

Sombu Dive - Photo by Guntur

Best Time

During weekends or late afternoons Sombu is a popular place for local youngsters to hang out and enjoy the sunset. They will happily perform their best trick-jumps off the jetty to impress visitors.

Corals at Sombu Dive - Photo by Guntur