If you arrive by car or motorbike, the gorgeous expansive reef is just a small jump off the jetty away. After diving you can replenish with drinks and snacks from the small cafe located on the hill overlooking the jetty, another great spot to watch the sunset. Sombu Jetty is also a popular evening hang out spot. As soon as night falls you will see locals out hunting for fish with flashlights, spear guns and traditional fishing equipment in hand, as well as groups of friends gathering together under the light of the stars. Sombu is located close to the village Waha, to the north of Wanci. Driving from Wanci you will pass through the villages of Wandoka and Sombu. Around 2km after Sombu there is a building called “fabrik es” (ice factory) on your left. Enter the complex and you will see a long pier that leads to Sombu Jetty.