Several thousand inhabitants live in its traditional wooden stilt houses, which are built on a coral stone base. These impressive constructions are built in rows connected by narrow bamboo bridges under which small boats pass. Children welcome visitors to their village with broad smiles. Women usually spend their time taking care of household duties such as fetching fresh water from the well and travelling to the market on the mainland as well as, cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. In their spare time they chat with friends. The fishermen return from the sea in their dugout canoes and clean their catch before giving it to their wives or family members to sell at the market. Small children can be seen playing in the water around their homes, using buckets or pieces of polystyrene as makeshift boats and rafts

Sampela Village - Photo by Muis Bhojest

How to Get There

The village is around 10 minutes by boat from the harbor in Ambeua and 20 minutes from Hoga Island. The price of the trip is Rp 5.000-15.000 per person from Kaledupa and Rp 25,000 per person from Hoga. There is a small homestay available, for those who wish to spend a night in those truly unique surroundings.

Bajo Sampela - Photo by Muh Iskandar Zulkarnain