One of the most loved dive sites in Wakatobi is Nua Shark Point located south of Sombu. As indicated by its name, Nua Shark Point is frequently visited by sharks. The site is a 5-minute boat journey from Sombu Jetty.

Best Time

The best time to dive is in the morning and afternoon when the sunlight reaches a depth of 20m and provides good visibility.

Silhouette of Shark - Photo by Onenk DCDC

Marine Bio Diversity

Descending deeper into the clear blue waters, you will notice leafy formations of hard corals covering the sea floor, with groups of blacktip reef sharks cruising around. Some of them may pass close by and curiously play around the divers. Besides blacktip reef sharks, yellow fin barracudas, eagle rays, black snapper, bumphead parrotfish and leaf scorpionfish are com-monly found here. Colorful soft corals dominate the shallow waters, providing interesting views even during the safety stop.

Blacktip reef Shark - Photo by Onenk DCDC