Pulau Lintea boasts amazing flora and fauna, huge colorful seashells and a fascinating mangrove ecosystem. Stingrays swim in the shallow waters by the shore, and butterflies float through the thick forest, accompanied by the songs of the rare birds that perch in the trees.

Lentea Island - by Barry Kusuma

Picturesque Setting

Arriving on Pulau Lintea, you will be given a warm welcome by the smiling inhabitants of the only village on the island. The village consists of no more than a few bamboo houses by the beach in Tandu, the island’s northern tip. The small bamboo huts are built in the middle of a coconut grove by the beach, making for a truly picturesque setting. Streets, vehicles and electricity are nowhere to be found. Trekking through the forest is challenging, but the beauty of the island’s nature and wildlife will reward those who make the effort.

Getting There

To visit the island, take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to Waiti Harbor. There you can arrange a two-way boat to Lintea Island for Rp200.000. The 35-minute boat journey you will pass by the famous luxury resort Wakatobi Dive Resort. Make sure to bring a GPS as getting lost in the wilderness of Lintea is easy, but finding your way back to the village isn’t.