The wreck is a sunken 30m long Japanese cargo ship with metal structures that are now heavily overgrown with corals. Head to this dive site to fulfill your dream of diving a shipwreck. The best time to dive is during a falling tide. Start at the reef flat and head toward the slope. This leads to the wreck, which lies at a depth of between 5-21m.

Wreck of Kulati - Photo by Guntur

Marine Bio Diversity

While either diving or snorkeling, you will witness the magnificent colors of the shipwreck’s corals, sponges, table corals, soft corals, anemones and a diverse range of massive hard corals. You will also see a variety of reef fish, schooling batfish, blue streak fusilier, yellow tile fusilier, black tile snapper, rabbit fish, a number of groupers, parrotfish and various ornamental fish such as damselfish, butterfly fish, angelfish and emperor fish. Occasionally you can also see a blacktip reef shark patrolling the area.

Best Time

There are several ways to dive this site depending on your experience and the conditions. It is preferable to dive during a slack tide and finish the dive with a safety stop among the shallow corals. During the safety stop, you can explore the plethora of macro sea creatures such as nudibranchs, gobys, mantis shrimp and ribbon eels. There is only a weak current at this site.


The Wreck of Kulati is located on the eastern side of Tomia and is only accessible when the ocean is sufficiently calm.