Sombano Village

In the shade of the houses, sarong-clad women can be seen tying little knots of seaweed to nets. These nets will be placed in the sea and a few months later the seaweed will be ready for harvest. The inhabitants of Sombano usually have a coconut tree next to their houses, as they are an important part of their traditional medicine and offerings.

Sombano Sunset - Photo by Muis Bhojest

Sombano Lake

Near the village lies the mystical lake Akku´a Mulumu, known as Sombano Lake, which is reachable on foot from Sombano Beach or by motorbike from the village. The beautiful road takes you through a coconut tree forest with the ocean directly beside you. The locals consider Akku´a Mulumu to be a sacred lake that is shrouded in many myths and legends.

Sombano Lake - Photo by Muis Bhojest