Roma is an elegant coral garden shaped like a pinnacle – wide and large, fringed with a beautiful reef and massive corals.

Best Time to Dive

The best time to dive is during slack tide. The outer pinnacle has a fairly challenging current and is a good place to practice drift diving.

Vibrant Corals - Photo by Wakatobi Regency

Marine Bio Diversity

The rich diversity of coral reefs consists of roughly 80% massive coral and brain coral species with their many clefts forming the Ancient Rome-like structures, making for a truly unique diving experience. Other corals include various table coral and branching coral species, while a variety of sea fans can also be found. Those who prefer macro life can observe ribbon eels, leaf scorpionfish, winged pipefish, nudibranchs, goby fish and rock-mover wrasses. During the safety stop, underwater photographers can also capture shots of rabbit fish and turtles.

A Close Encounter with Sea Creatures - Photo by Wakatobi Regency