The North Wall offers many different dive sites, all of them excellent. Snorkeling is usually good, however depending on the season you may encounter big waves. It is best to ask your dive operator beforehand. The visibility at this spot is celebrated among all divers in Wakatobi. Here you can find a huge variety of fish, as well as manta rays, spotted eagle rays and even the occasional shark. The wall is very steep, almost vertical, and covered in corals, sponges and sea whips. There are two buoys at North Wall.

Buoy 1

At Buoy 1, diving along the reef to left you will see a small indent, with a ledge full of branching soft coral. If you dive along the reef to the right you will find a large basin with a rectangular shape and sloping sides surrounded by small coral heads.

Buoy 2

Starting from Buoy 2, just after the aforementioned basin, the route to the right will take you along the wall. A sandy slope spectacularly meets the wall at around 18m. At this lip you will encounter a huge variety of anemones, which host several species of resident anemone fish.

North Wall Wakatobi - Photo by Wakatobi Regency