The name of this dive site loosely translates to “Lets get drunk!” This describes the feeling most divers experience after diving here, owing to both the beauty of the amazing colors of the sea fans and soft corals and as well as the strong current. This site, which is shaped similar to a pinnacle, has a diverse variety of coral reefs including hard fringing reefs and table corals, while the drop off offers amazing views of the ocean wall. Roughly 75% of the coral coverage here is dominated by living and healthy table corals, branching corals, massive corals and brain corals that form along the wall.

Underwater - Photo by Wakatobi Tourism Authority

Marine Bio Diversity

The soft corals here provide a great variety of color, which is enriched by the presence of schooling yellowtail, grouper, sweetlips, red-tooth triggerfish, snapper and number of ornamental fish including damselfish, butterfly fish and rabbit fish, as well as turtles. Macro creatures are also abundant.

Best Time to Dive

The best time to dive is during slack tide. This dive site has a fairly strong current, which is suited to drift diving. Because of this current, it is recommended that only experienced and skillful divers with sufficient information about the site dive here.


Situated on the west coast of Tomia Island nearby Roma, the two sites are fairly similar. However, the fringing reefs at Mari Mabuk are more abundant than at Roma.

Mari Mabuk Tomia - Photo by Hendra Tan