Lariangi - Photo by Muis Bhojest

The dance is accompanied by the solemn sounds of traditional music played with acoustic instruments, giving the performance a sacred and majestic atmosphere. The name of the dance is derived from the word “Lari”, which means to decorate and “Angi”, meaning people who dress up to present a certain message.


Lariangi was first performed in the royal palace of the Kahedupa Kingdom in the 13th century to greet guests of the kingdom. The costumes, accessories and headpieces of Lariangi dancers represent various forms of local knowledge and symbols. This knowledge has been passed down for generations through such cultural events in Kaledupa. It is surely the most beautiful way to communicate such wisdom. To watch a Lariangi performance, contact the local tourism group KITG (Kaledupa Island Tourism Group) about bookings.

Lariangi - Photo by Thaib Chaidar