Kulati is blessed - with five beaches, a hidden cave and its own fish bank.

One of the traditional leaders of the village, La Asiru, popularly known as Bapak Tua, proudly proclaims, “While everyone else only has a bank for money, Kulati has a bank for fish.” The local community is very protective of this area, which is home to a seemingly infinite variety of marine species. Surrounding the fish bank is the area of Hu´untete, which is quite an adventurous place to explore. From the hills to the lowlands you can enjoy views of the magnificent blue sea and the wide expanses of grasslands, and are welcomed with white sand beaches as you reach the shore.

Hongaha Beach Kulati - Photo by Guntur

Hu´ntete & Hogaha Beach

Your tropical getaway starts at the aforementioned TIC in Kulati where you can meet a local guide who can show you around Hu’untete. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try climbing down the cliff to Hongaha Beach. Here you can simply enjoy relaxing on the beach or explore the Japanese shipwreck.

Kulati Cliff - Photo by Muis Bhojest

Cultural Performances

The beautiful Balumpa dance will leave you with a lasting impression of the warm hearts of the Kulati people. The cheerful music and movements have been passed down for generations, and after enjoying a performance, visitors can also learn to dance and play traditional instruments from members of Sanggar Tari Kulati. Another fun activity is “Bamboo Gila” (Crazy Bamboo) in which a local shaman summons a spirit with a bamboo stick, which starts moving, slowly at first and then wildly. The stick is passed around, with the person holding the bamboo joining in the movements and dance.

Traditional Dance Kulati - Photo by Guntur

Daily Activities

Spend your days in Kulati immersing yourself in the gentle pace and ambience of village life. Head out to sea with the fishermen to catch your dinner, search for shells on the beach at low tide, or weave a scarf or sarong with the local women, a perfect memento to bring home. Perhaps pay a visit to a local bamboo handicrafts maker or join the youngsters in a game of volleyball.

Playing Crazy Bamboo Kulati - Photo by Guntur

Traditional Cuisine 

Indulge your taste buds with juicy seafood prepared with fresh ingredients. If you want to know the finer points of the local cuisine, take a cooking class with your host. The best of the modest way of village life is reflected in their food. Simple, but delicious.

Parende Fish - Photo by Guntur


Getting out of the big cities is a chance to experience the starry night sky in all its magnificence. As the electricity in the village is turned off before midnight, the village is left in darkness save for the incredible illumination of the galaxies overhead. Whether taking in the night sky on the beach or in the village, be prepared for a jaw dropping view above, and just try counting all the shooting stars!

Stargazing - Photo by Guntur