For decades locals have taken water to shower and use for their other daily needs from the natural spring inside the cavern. In the mornings and evenings, local children enjoy jumping down into the pool of water. If you are brave enough, feel free to join them, or just enjoy swimming in the refreshingly cool water. Kontamale’s hidden wa-ter-filled caverns are worth exploring and make for a great adventure. Kontamale is located around 10 minutes drive from the town centre.

Mysterious Underwater Cave

Connected to Kontamale by a mysterious underwater cave lies the other popular spring of Tekosapi. Only a handful of the most adventurous and skilled scuba divers have explored this secret passage. The water in Tekosapi is crystal clear and like Kontamale locals use it for bathing and washing. In the early morning hours the sun’s first rays make this an exceptionally beautiful place to visit. Around noon it usually starts to get busier with children enjoying a quick swim after school. Tekosapi lies on the main road close to the city center heading north toward Cemara Beach.