Marine Bio Diversity

Start with a big jump off the boat and dive into the clear water to find out why this site carries the nickname “Aquarium”. Your eyes will be drawn to the colorful soft corals and sponges along the reefs, as well as the bustling underwater life including candy crabs, leaf fish, snapper, grouper, trevally, fusilier, butterfly fish, cardinalfish and angelfish and many more. Follow the soft current along the wall while descending to a depth of 15-20m where you will likely meet cuttlefish with their colorful semi-transparent bodies passing by. Spend the safety stop dive-dreaming among the colorful soft corals and sea fans.

Getting There

This site is easy to find and can be reached within 30 minutes by boat from Sombu. Kapota Pinnacle has amazing soft coral, which make up about 70% of all the coral at this spot. Snorkeling is also very good here.