Kaledupa Double Spur attracts large honeycomb rays, schooling adult batfish and schooling blue-lined sea bream to its habit of large sponges and sea fans. There have also been a few shark spottings here. As the name implies the dive site is a spur, which divides into two spurs at the seaward end to form a ‘T’ when viewed from the surface. On either side of the stem of the T are sand basins reaching very deep down. Even at 30m it is still not possible to see the bottom. The top of the ‘T’ is a dramatic wall that is home to large sponges and sea fans. In the southern basin, sea pens can be found open in the morning and daylight hours while in the northern basin sea pens and large numbers of shy garden eels can be found.

There is also a short coral tunnel at approximately 30m in the northern spur, which will take you around the corner at the beginning of the north wall. The shallow reefs here are also very beautiful.

Getting There

Depending on your boat it takes approximately 20 minutes to reach this site from Hoga but it is well worth it.

Double Spurs Wide Angle - Photo by Hendra Tan