With its postcard-worthy scenery of beautiful white sand and shady tropical trees Cemara Beach is the perfect place to take a break from diving, and just relax and swim.

During weekdays you can almost enjoy the entire beach to yourself, while on weekends it becomes a popular local gathering place and takes on a vibrant atmos-phere. Families enjoy barbecues, local youngsters come to hang out and young children learn to swim. On some Sundays the local volleyball team plays here and everyone is welcome to join. From time to time, ice cream and fresh coconuts are sold right on the beach.

Cemara Beach - Photo by Muis Bhojest

Diving and Snorkeling

The beach also has a reef that is good for diving and snorkeling, and is a popular place for dive centers to conduct their Open Water Courses. The “santai” (relaxed) ambience of Cemara Beach makes it worth a visit, and if you do happen to miss diving, you can find several dive operators right next to the beach.


Waste Management

To help preserve the beauty of this spot please be sure to take your plastic waste with you and encourage others to do so too. As in most parts of Indonesia, there are problems with waste management. Also note, there are no public toilets in this area.