The island’s roads will take you through villages, forests, vast landscapes and magnificent vistas, where an abundance of photo opportunities will present them-selves. Along the way you will pass by traditional houses, seaweed farmers busy with their harvest, limestone cliffs and pristine mangrove forests.

Cycling in Kaledupa - Photo by Putri Kirana


While taking a break, you can visit traditional weavers, enjoy the local cuisine and watch performances by talented dancers. To maintain your strength, your guide will show you the best natural snacks the island has to offer, like wild fruits, nuts and fresh sea urchins.

Practical Information

The routes vary depending on the required fitness levels. Some are quiet challenging and you might need to push your bike up a hill a few times, while other routes are suitable for everyone. Generally, the roads in Kaledupa are in excellent condition, and the ride is smooth. Free roaming chickens deciding to cross the road pose the only real danger. This thrilling experience of nature, people and culture can be booked at the Visitor Information Center in Ambuea. Whether you want to take an experienced local guide or explore the island by yourself is up to you.

You can rent the bikes at:

Visitors Information Center