Marine Bio Diversity

Ali Reef is known among veteran divers as a challenging and extremely beautiful site. Divers will swim around a seamount with a flat peak connected by a deep ridge to a long valley of table corals. The yellow color of the sun corals, also known as tubastraea, stands out vividly. Gorgonians also dominate the shallower waters. Further below, the brilliant colors of the larger soft corals dominate the ridge. Like a big underwater city, Ali Reef is bustling with life. Divers will be in awe of the giant trevally tornados and mesmerized by comings and going of the plethora of other smaller fish. The site is also a home for sea turtles and reef sharks.

Best Time to Dive

Please consult your dive guide on the best time to dive, as the currents can be very strong during rising tides. If you dive early in the morning, it is recommended to bring a torch because of insufficient sunlight.


This dive site can be reached in less than 30 minutes by boat from Waha Harbor in Tomia.

Fish Schooling - Photo by Ronnie Rengkung