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Marine and the archipelago can never be separated from the image of Indonesia. As the largest archipelagic state in the world, we are rightly proud of all biological diversity wealth with thousand of island lies in beauty tropical of equator line shape in the beloved Republic of Indonesia.

From the east of Indonesia, Wakatobi island recognized not only as part of the wealth of nation, but primary as part of the center of marine biodiversity in world class considered.

Defined as marine national park since 1995, Wakatobi’s biodiversity has made it one of the World Network of Biosphere Reserve that was declared by UNESCO in 2012 as well as Marine National Park and world tourism destination with its new vision as the competitive & welfare marine regency

Come to know and get in closer with Wakatobi though beautiful photographs as displayed with simple explanation in this website.
Simply and easy way to understand form and get actual information presented this can be used as your guidance once you visit and enjoy and real underwater paradise of Wakatobi.

If you find that the heavenly beauty is in sight, all the potential was waiting and opened its heart. What are you waiting, we wait of your presence in Wakatobi. THE TOP TEN TOURISM DESTINATION in INDONESIA.


H. Arhawi, SE
The Regent of Wakatobi