Two Cruise that had been routinely bring a group of foreign tourists in eastern Indonesia has officially makes Wakatobi as major stopover route for their cruise. Both companies are the Cruise Asia and Signatur Papua.

Cruise Asia is one of the largest cruise ship tour operator in the asia region with offices in Bangkok, Thailand while Signatur Papua is a signature-based cruise ship operator in Bali and Papua.

Both of these companies have even started its activities in Wakatobi on Februaru 23 and March 5, 2016, carrying over 200 foreign travelers using Nobel Caledonia Sky Cruise.

"Initially we just put Hoga Island, Fort Liya and fishing village at the Bajo Mola in our program. Three sites are in great demand by tourists. Hoga presents the beauty of nature and underwater, Keraton Liya presents the historical heritage, traditional culinary of Wakatobi and Kampong Bajo Mola presents a view of Bajonese that all their activities carried out in the sea, its very attractive for tourists, "said Oswald Huma Managing Director Signatur Papua during his visit in Wakatobi.

Furthermore, Oswald said Wakatobi has the natural beauty of the land, shore up underwater supported by the rich culture and a society which is still preserved, makes Wakatobi as the best destination among other tourism destinations in Indonesia that has been frequently visited by cruise ships.
The availability of tour guides and the support from Wakatobi government for tourism activities, are the reason to choose Wakatobi as a stopover.

"When we did the first visit we were greeted by Regent Wakatobi and during the second visit we were greeted by the Secretary, is very memorable for our guests," he said.

Another advantage is geographically Wakatobi located right at the center of the cluster of maritime archipelago, making it more accessible to the crossing cruises both vessels moving from the east to west that connected Australia and Singapore as well as traveling from south to north connecting Australia-Bali and Philippines.

"With so many advantages, I believe Wakatobi will grow as the leading tourism destination and will certainly provide welfare in the community," he concluded.