The village which is located in Wali village has extensive fortress placed on a hill. This place has a great view of the valley and the beautiful sea, and also the forest which is still in good condition, many big and dense trees which make this forest as the resting place of several species of flora. One of them is parrot which is one of the endemic bird species in Sulawesi. Besides that, this village also has a lot of biodiversity, such as turtles that come to lay eggs, so there is a location in this old village, there is also a historical site in the form of an ancient tomb which marks the combination of two languages, which are cia-cia and mbeda-mbeda. The turtle eggs are bred from the predators and then it will be released when the eggs hatch.
The rocks scenery is very beautiful even without plants and grasses. They make this place look like a rock garden, and bring visitors into the new world of adventure. Besides the rock garden in Binongko waters there are some beautiful diving spots, even arguably as the best dive sites in Wakatobi. In this place there is also a tower flare, we can see the sea and the sunset from the top of the tower.