Mborira dance is a dance which is held to welcome the return of one of the overseas residents. It is played by 6 dancers who are one of them will be chosen as a companion of the nomads.
A long time ago, the Sajo Wowine dance was danced by the girls who live in Patua Fortress at the ceremony custom. It is played by 10 girls and two young men as an expression of excitement with the appearance of the dancers.
Sajo Moane dance is a sacred dance performed by men. It symbolizes the readiness of the warriors to confront the war warriors. This dance is played by 20 soldiers.
Saride dance is a traditional dance which means unity and togetherness in completing an activity of public interest. Saride dance symbolizes poasaasa or Pohamba-servant, as the slogan of the tribal Tomia ethnic. Saride dance expresses the community gratitude after completing the job successfully. At the present time, Saride dance is dedicated to entertain the special guests.