Kabuenga is a local celebration that has held from old generations. Kabuenga itself is a large swing which is believed as the key of successful and matchmaking. It is often sat by couples of women and men who believe that they are destined each other. When the couple sits down, they who push the swing will have a prayer and a song to the couple. At the beginning, it is held to bring the boys who averagely sailors to meet their loved girls as the partner candidate. In this ritual, the girl walks guided by their mothers while singing kadhandiyo. Then, they must present a drink to the invited guests. The guests spontaneously will appreciate a drink by giving some money in a sealed envelope. After the procession was over, young people share gifts to a number of kabuenga young girls, and then the parents will give the man some money or carry groceries to be given to the loved young girl. This is a common ritual in Wanci city.
Karia'a customary ceremony is one tradition of Buton ethnic in Wakatobi conducted since 1918. It is usually held in a large field, marked by a group of mothers’ singing. In this case, all participants will get a portion of syara (head of karia'a ceremony). Then, all of them will go to Batanga (a celebration place) from their homes by using kansoda'a (a stretcher made of bamboo or metal). In addition, this celebration is held with a procession going around the village, in which the uniqueness itself is there are the girls who dress traditional costumes and each stretcher will contain three to five daughters. Meanwhile, there will be four to ten men who carry them. In addition, karia'a procession also can be followed by adult males who were already circumcised but they have not joined karia'a celebration previously.
Mbule-mbule customary ceremony is performed to repel the danger that disturbs the village at once giving thanks. Crops such as rice, maize and bananas are placed in a wooden boat which is decorated with a pair of scarecrows as a symbol of evil. Both boats that are fulfilled by the crops will bring around the village in order to repel dangers that will disturb the village.