Sail Karimata & Sail Indonesia 2016 has been already hold. The annual event which post Wakatobi as the main destination held on 6 to 12 Agust 2016.

Plenty of preparation by the committee already set up to welcome this internasional event. One of the bigges event was Kabuenga event create by Wandoka people. There was also official welcome party by the government of Wakatobi and ceremonially opened by H. Arhawi, SE as the new regent of Wakatobi period of 2016-2021.

In welcoming and hospitalite the sailor, Wakatobi prepared WIC (Wakatobi information Center) which has been said as the best service among the other destination in Indonesia. The center coord by Gino Samsudin Mirsad from YASCINTA (Cinta Bahari Indonesia Foundation). Its about 36 boat drop in Wakatobi along the event. Due to the new development of Marina Wakatobi, it hopes that in 2017 the Sailor would use the new Marina for their confort.