Waginopo peak is one of tourist plateu objects in Wangiwangi. There, tourist can enjoy the natural scenery, the residents’ plantation areas planted with cashew, cassava and beans. Then, tourists also can enjoy ocean panorama and sunset view. It is located in Wanginopo village, Wangiwangi district by crossing about 1, 5 kilometers from Wanci in which it can be reached using two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels drive.
Wabue-bue peak is basically included in government’s territory of Waha village, Wangi-Wangi district. You can visit it by two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels drive that is 6 kilometers from Wanci then continued by walking on foot through a path of about 2 kilometers. The contour of the peak itself is rocky. In this case, on the left and right side towards the path are residents’ agricultural lands planted with cassava, beans and maize. There is also a tower or lighthouse that was built in the Dutch colonial period.