Wakatobi - The Minister of Transportation, Ignatius Jonan announces the passenger terminal, Matahora Airport in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi on Sunday (05/08/2016). There are also present in the announcement the Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, Chairman of Commission V of the House of Representatives Fary Djemy Francis, and Wakatobi Regent Hugua.

Airports class III that managed by Unit Penyelenggara Bandar Udara (UPBU) Directorate General of Air Transportation, now have a new face with a view of the magnificent and modern passenger terminal, and it is supported by a more complete facilities both on the ground (ground side) and the air (water side).

In the effort Minister of Transportation to keep improving service quality and capacity, to the land side, the airport located on the island dubbed "underwater paradise" that now has a passenger terminal building covering an area of ​​1,524 square meters that can accommodate up to 150 passengers.

In addition, Matahora Airport now has passenger more spacious terminal waiting room, the modern counter check-in, orderly concession area, and it does not miss the clean toilets.
In the other side of the land, the facilities are now owned such, building PKP-PK, NDB buildings, buildings DVOR/DME, tower building/control tower, generator buildings, CCR buildings , building of power quality, health quarantine building, and vehicle parking area.

The development of Matahora Airport facilities using state budget funds in 2015 amounting up to Rp 80 billion.
While on the air side, Matahora airport now has the airstrip with length of 2000 meters x 30 meters with a foundation of violence (PCN) 24 F/B/X/T that can accommodate the largest aircraft, ATR 72-500 / 600.
Moreover, the other air side facilities owned like taxi way 107 meters x 18 meters, APPRON 103 meters x 73 meters.
Facility to add security is also improved, such as the additional security screening facilities (x-ray baggage), and the construction of security posts in the area of ​​the airport.

The regent of Wakatobi, Hugua said in his speech, Wakatobi set by the Tourism Minister as a top 10 best tourist destination areas in Indonesia were the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.
With such status, according Hugua, it should be supported by the airport which is also international. He also said, need these additional flights from and to Wakatobi.

"If we can forward existing direct flights from Jakarta to Wakatobi or Denpasar to Wakatobi. Currently the entrance to Wakatobi still via Makassar, new Kendari to Wakatobi," said Hugua.

In line with Regent Hugua, Menpar Arief Yahya in his speech also said in a statement, Wakatobi should be linked with travel hubs like Jakarta and Bali. "With direct flights from Jakarta or Bali to Wakatobi, able to Attract tourists to come to Wakatobi," said Arief.

While Ignatius Jonan said in his speech, the Wakatobi island status as a world-class destination, it should have an airport that is also world class. He also said that the Ministry of Transportation will encourage the opening service flights on the Jakarta - Denpasar - Wakatobi.

"The plane can later CRJ types. If the distance from Jakarta about 2 hours 20 minutes. We will encourage the opening of the Jakarta - Denpasar - Wakatobi," said Jonan.

Support the Tourism Sector

The growth of air passengers in Wakatobi is increasing every year. It is seen in the beginning of the development of the passenger terminal, namely in 2013, there were 11,150 11,867 passengers arriving and departing passengers per year.
In 2014, increased to 17 015 13 786 passengers arriving and departing passengers per year. Then in 2015, increased again to 20 081 19,100 passengers arriving and departing passengers per year.

Currently, there is only one airline that serves air transport services to and from Waktobi per day that the airline Wings Air (ATR 72-500). The airline airport flight route Makassar - Kendari - Wakatobi go home (PP) with a frequency of 1 times a day (7 times a week).

With a planned opening of these additional flights to Wakatobi, is expected to further increase the demand of tourists who will visit the island are included in the world's coral triangle.

Wakatobi island known for its marine beauty of a tourist destination both domestic and foreign. It is expected with the development of the airport Matahora can support the tourism sector in Wakatobi to continue to grow and develop.
The construction of airports, particularly in the central and eastern Indonesia is a form of commitment in carrying Nawacita Minister of Transportation namely building of suburban paradigm Indonesia Indonesia Centrist, improving the quality of human life, as well as improving people's productivity.

Source: www.detik.com