Toppa Wa Ode Gowa is an old baths located in Wali Village. It is about 2 meters from the highway. In the surrounding there are ketapang trees and jackfruit. This place is just in devoted for bathing. Then, for about one meter from this place there is the Wa Ode Goa tomb.
A long time ago, Topa Raja was only for a bathing place for the kings. But nowadays, people use it not only for shower and even people use it to wash their laundries. In this place there is also a tree, the local people called it as Tree Rita.
Topa is almost the same as Topa Raja, it is said that Topa Surabi is place of the empress to bath. The water is clear. There are some trees around it. It is placed in Wali sub-district.
Topa Labago is also a bathing place. It is about 200 meters from the settlement Bante villagers. Topa La Bago is currently used as a bathing and washing for local people.