There are a number of famous dances in Kaledupa, namely Lariangi dance. Lariangi dance is the classical dance originally from Keledupa Island. A long time ago, Lariangi is poetry sung in the royal palace during the reign of the King 2, the Kahedupa Kingdom named Muhammad Syamsa Allam, around 1359 Century. At that time, that kingdom is entouraged of guests from Tar-Tar China led by Admiral Chonha with his wife, Khunfi. In Keledupa society, those two names are called as La Donda (Chonha) and Wa Rumpi (Khunfi). At that time, Lariangi was formed into a dance in the palace to greet the guests of the kingdom. The Lariangi dancers wear oversized clothes of the King Kahedupa’s consort named Queen Wa Samo. Lariangi dance is played by 12 (Twelve) Dancers symbolizing 12 Nations in the World. The dance is accompanied by music, and poetry that contains advice, history and forecast (The synopsys source of this Lariangi Dance is from Barata Kahedupa).