The best way to get to Wakatobi depends on the available time and budget. There are connecting flights from Makassar (Ujung Pandang) via Kendari as well as boats to Wangi-Wangi from Kendari. Flying to Bau Bau (Buton Island) and taking a boat to one of Wakatobi’s larger islands is also an alternative.

Direct flights leave everyday at 08.10 AM and 12:05 PM from Makassar (UPG). This Wings Air flight will take you from Makassar to the airport of Wakatobi (WNI) on Wangi- Wangi Island. Return flight from Wangi-Wangi to Makassar is available everyday at 10.45 AM and 01.55 PM. The flight duration is about 1.5 hours.
Direct flight from Kendari (KDI) to Wakatobi (WNI) leaves at 02.45 PM. The return flight from Wakatobi (WNI) to Kendari (KDI) is available everyday at 06.00 AM. The flight duration is about 45 minutes. There is also an option to join the flight from Makassar (UPG) at 08:10 AM with a transit in Kendari (KDI) to Wangi-Wangi, Wakatobi (WNI). The return transit flight is available from Wangi-Wangi at 10.45 AM to Makassar (UPG). The flight duration is about 2.5 hours.
If you want to go directly from Bali you have to buy a dive package with the Wakatobi Resort and fly with their charter airplane to Tomia. The flight schedule can be found on their homepage:
Taking the boat is cheaper but also more risky and takes more time. Be aware that safety standards in Indonesia are not the same as in Europa or America. Weather conditions can also affect the schedule, because the boat may not operate during times of high waves. During clear weather and if you want to travel slowly going by boat is a good option.
In Kendari the boat to Wakatobi leaves from Pelabuhan Wanci (Wanci Harbor). The Kapal Wanci (Wanci Boat) departs at 11:00 AM and takes around 10 hours. There are two types of boats named KM. AKSAR SAPUTRA and KM. AGIL PERMAI with different departure schedules. KM. AKSAR SAPUTRA departs every Monday and Thursday from Kendari to Wanci and back on Tuesday and Saturday from Wanci to Kendari. KM. AGIL PERMAI departs on Tuesday and Saturday from Kendari to Wanci and back on Monday and Thursday from Wanci to Kendari. The journey to the harbor by car from Kendari Airport (Haluoleo Airport) takes 1 hour. The cost for one ticket is around 200,000 IDR or 20 US$.
Another way is to fly from Makassar (UPG) to Bau Bau, Buton (BUW) and continue to Wangi-Wangi by public boat. A wooden overnight boat departs every day at 9:00 PM from Murhum Harbor. The harbor can be reached within 20 minutes by car from the airport (Betoambari Airport). The boat will arrive in the town of Wanci on Wangi-Wangi Island around 6:00 or 7:00 AM. The price for a ticket is around 15 US$. There are four different boats named KM. AKSAR SAPUTRA, KM. MIRAMA, KM. UKI RAYA and KM. AGIL PRATAMA.
From Wanci Hours 08:00 am and from 12:00 pm Kamaru Jam (PP Daily) Who want to Bau Bau, no passenger cars dikamaru wait until the ship arrived. rates: Adults: 61,000 Children: 42,000 Wheels 2: 70.000 Wheels 4: 572,000 Car Info Hub: +6285341500446 +6281242958795
Departures every Monday 23:00 and Friday 09:00
Departures every Tuesday 09:00 and Friday 18:00
Departures every Wednesday at 09:00 and Saturdays at 09:00
Departures every Thursday at 09:00 and Monday at 09:00