Randa Rambi or La Gole fortress is located in Wawotimu Village, East Tomia District. This fortress is estimated since around 1921. This location can be reached by riding a two-wheeled vehicle for 30 minutes from Wawotimu village. There are 5 pieces of lawa (gate) made of mountain stone structure. Inside the fortress, there is the old rectangular cemetery. This tomb is made of stone neatly arranged. In the castle, there is also a cannon sultanate of Buton heritage.
Tomia people call this tomb by Moori. The tomb is 30 meters from Kahianga Village, District of East Tomia. Sulaiman Ince tombs are in the area of indigenous forest. Sulaiman Ince is originally from Malay, is the first Islamic religious broadcaster figure in Tomia Island. Every year, the tomb is visited by pilgrims.
Suo Suo fortress is located behind the Sulaiman Ince Tomb, in Kahianga Village, the District of East Tomia. Suo-suo fortress is the old village of Kahianga and Usuku people. The fortress has three Lawa (gate). There is a former building of the first mosque in the Kahinga and Usuku village near one of the Lawa.
Patua fortress is located in hills area Patua II Village, Tomia District. In the castle, there are 3 Lawas (Gate). On one of the gate, there is a reconnaissance hole. In this castle there are several pieces of old graves, the former mosque made of mountain stone and limestone, latrines stone (Jamba Katepi), tunnel (Lelea), Meriam La Faturumbu, Baruga (community gathering place to discuss something or hold a traditional party or dance like Sajo dance and other dances). Patua fortress is the former place of Onemay people. Local people used this fortress as a place to perform traditional rituals. This place can be reached by feet for 15 minutes from the Patua II Village.
This Old Mosque is located in Onemay sub-district, Tomia District. The mosque, which was built around 1912 is named Jami Nurul Huda mosque. A long time ago, this mosque had palm leaves as the roof, then restored and topped with zinc. The mosque can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for 30 minutes from Waha Village, the Capital District of Tomia.