Ollo fortress and Old Mosque is the historical site of cultural heritage of Kaledupa people which is still maintained and preserved by local communities now. They are located in Buranga Village, Kaledupa District. The Old Mosque has 6.5 x 7 meters width, located in the scope of this fortress. According to its history, the mosque is the manifestation of the body of a mother, so women are not allowed to pray in this mosque. The distance between Togo fortress and the capital district of Kaledupa is ± 4 kilometers in which it can be reached by riding two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles for ± 15 minutes.
La Donda fortress is one of the historical sites, the cultural heritage of people in Kaledupa. The fortress is located in of Kasawari Village, South Kaledupa District. This place is not used to be fortress, but as a place of human settlements. The layout of the castle is located in the beach, and ± 1.5 kilometers from seafront. From the top of La Donda Fortress, the tourists can see the natural scenery of South Kaledupa.
Kamali Palea is the tradtitional house which is located in the middle of the Citadel (Fort Kamali) pajam Village, South Kaledupa districts. Kamali wall is made of cruising and given a thatched roof and is surrounded by an ancient citadel that Citadel or Kamali Kamali. The place is considered sacred by the local people. A long time ago, these places were served as the center of government and as a place to resolve conflicts or problems that occur in the community. The building shape is rectangular with a size of 2x3 meters, with interior curtain and jars under the building. Near this place, there is also the old cemetery custom home. This custom home is 9 kilometers from Ambeua and can be reached by two-wheeled vehicles.
The tomb is located on a hill rock Pajam village, not far from the residential areas. It has rectangular-shaped with a size of 1x2 meters. Imam Fada is known as cleric from Padang who brought Islam to Kaledupa. In this place, there is a first former mosque in Kaledupa. This place is ± 9 kilometers from Ambeua and can be reached by riding two-wheeled vehicles.
Kamali Fortress is an old fortress with natural stone architecture. There is an old cemetery around the fortress. According to the story, the fortress was founded in Tabalo kingdom in Maluku. This fortress is located in Palea Regency, Pajam village and still in good condition. It can be reached by riding two-wheeled vehicle which takes about 9 km from Ambeua. The square-shaped fortress area has the total width of 20 x 50 meters.