Tadu fortress is located in Haka village, Binongko Togo district. Inside the fortress, there are old tombs. Most of them are no longer recognizable. This fort consists of rocks. In addition, the castle also has two doors called cross beam. Historically, this castle was once the old village. It is characterized because there is still old foundations remain, masts, former stables, and the ancient heritage. The old people built the fort to protect their village from Sanggila attack (Pirate).
Baluara fortress is located in Taipabu village, Togo Binongko district. In this fort, there is Topa Kaluku which was once a place for residents to fetch water. This fort has many traces of history, especially the time of Singagila arrival (Pirate). There are also old tombs.
Watiua fortress is located in Palahidu sub-district, Binongko district. To reach this castle, the tourists will pass through some rocky hills. On the way to the castle, there are some relics of old buildings such as the guardhouse and also bathing place which is known as Topa Hangaku by local people. This fort also has a high value history.
Oihu fortress was once the old village. It is located in Oihu village. In this castle, there are the old cemetery, the resting place, 7 Lawa (stone doors), the stone foundation of the mosque and one wooden pole mosque. In this castle there is a cave and there are sources of clean water inside this cave.