This is the local main food of Wakatobi. It's the grated cassava pulp which is squeezed repeatedly and made with triangle-shaped like a rice cone. Kasuami commonly covered by onions and will be really delicious when it is eaten with Parende or can be paired with grilled fish and chili colo-colo. Kasuami is a typical food that can be found in each island.


Parende is fresh fish soup, made from fresh coral fish cooked with sauted onions and then boiled with lemongrass leaves and tumeric. It is best served hot and spicy.


Karasi is a traditional cakes from cassava flour. It is formed then fried and will taste really delicious when accompanied with hot coffee or tea. This is a popular gift made by the local ladies.


This is a traditional food of Binongko island. Luluta is grilled sticky rice with unions and coconut milk inserted into a bamboo. It is made with brown rice or white rice. Before putting it into the bamboo, it's wrapped with banana leaves. The flavor create a tasty and delicious roasted rice.