Cemara Beach is around 200meter long and has nice white sand. The beach is the perfect place to relax and swim. The Cemara reef is in very good condition and a favorite diving and snorkeling point in Wangi-Wangi.

Dive centers conduct their Open Water Course here. On weekends the beach is very busy because a lot of young local people come here to have a barbecue or hang out. Every Sunday the local volleyball team plays here and everyone is welcome to join. School children participate in swimming courses and families will grill fish. Sometimes ice-cream and fresh coconuts are sold at the beach. You can ride a banana boat to enjoy and playing with crystal-clean water of Wakatobi at this beach. The cheerful atmosphere and the friendly people make Cemara Beach a nice place to visit.

Cemara beach is close to the village of Waha around 7km from Wanci. The best way to visit this beach is to take a motorbike from Wanci. Follow the main street of Jalan Ahmad Raya to the north. You will pass Wandoka and Sombu villages. The entrance road to the beach is on the left side directly at the beginning of Waha village.