The natural environment on the Island is extraordinary and completely different compared to the other islands of Wakatobi. The climate is dryer and very humid. The landscape consists of rocky hills and the island is surrounded by cliffs. Nevertheless, in between these cliffs beautiful white beaches with natural coconut trees can be discovered. The swimming conditions at these beaches are fabulous. Moreover, mangrove forests with trees of 20 meter-height and an inspiring flora and fauna wait to be explored. The countless springs which can be found almost everywhere on the island are perfect for a swim to cool down. There are also many caves housing bats and ying foxes. Some caves are quite deep, completely dark and have a variety of impressive stalactite and stalagmite structures. The Binongko marine live of comprises many turtles and fish and offers beautiful reefs explorable by professional divers.

Most villages in Binongko are very unique and traditional. Some villages are built directly on steep cliffs giving it an amazing sight. Most houses are stilted wooden houses. The culture of Binongko is well-preserved and the traditional law conserves its natural resources. The roles and values in the families are still very traditional and the tasks clearly defined. The men are responsible for hard work and income generation, whereas the women take care of the children. The village rules adat still have a strong influence and decisions are made by the men. The social principle of “gotong royong” (helping each other) means the whole community is closely knit together. The communities have also preserved traditional dances and ceremonies. The people in Binongko are very welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Economically, most people are dependent on fishing and agriculture. However, since the grounds in Binongko are very rocky the only plant that grows well is cassava.

One unique aspect of Binongko are the “Tukang Besi” blacksmiths, which in the past gave the area Wakatobi its name “Tukang Besi Archipelago” (Blacksmith Archipelago). The blacksmiths are famous for their high quality products such as the “Parang” machete. These products are so famous that they are exported and sold throughout Indonesia.

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