There are a number of beautiful white sand beaches as the other tourist objects located in Wangiwangi. In this case, you can visit them by road transportation only. The best times to visit are before sunrise and sunset. However, Wangiwangi’s beaches are actually beautiful in anytime.
Kaluku beach will offer you unique parts of the beach with the beautiful seashore to walk along and give you seascape of coral seen from above the water, scenery of coconut trees along the beach that can make you relax and also a beautiful sunset view can be seen from the beach. It is located in a tourist area of Patuno Resort.
Sara Longa forest is a forest besides the beach that will give you a great seascape standing at the rocks with natural object of seascape freely that attracts everyone. Then, across the forest, there is a nice island as the additional object that can be the most interest for tourists towards this place. The forest here is kept in good condition. At the same time, tourists also can enjoy birds’ tweets and other tropic animals.
Moli’i Sahatu beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Wakatobi. In Wanci term, ‘Molii’ comes from ‘Molii’ that means well-spring and Sahatu means a hundred. The uniqueness of the beach is where there are almost a hundred well-springs found from the sea bottom. Although, they come from the sea bottom, the water is tasteless. The beach also offers you white sands view along the beach itself. Then, there are some plants you can find there such as coconut trees. The location of the beach is in Patuno village, Wangiwangi district located 10 kilometers from the city. For visiting this place, you can use two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive easily.
Jodoh beach is one of Wangiwangi’s beaches that has 7 hectares of area located in Patuno village, Wangiwangi district. You can visit the beach easily by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive with the distance about 16 kilometers from Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi. Nowadays, there has been already a resort with rumah panggung of architecture that is made from coconut trees and sago leaves rafted by bamboo leaves for the house’s roof. Basically, the beach is used as the tourism place of local people. However, it offers you by its white sands with the length of the beach that are only 6 meters and 700 meters. Nearly from the beach, you can find Nuabala Island. Then, the coastline is large enough covered by sea plants such as nyamplung (Calophylum inophylum), buta-buta (Excoecaria agalocha), tangi (Pongamia sp) and coconut.
In Wakatobi term, people commonly call it as pantai berpasir panjang (Melai means long and One means sands). It is located in Matohara village, south Wangiwangi district. You can visit it by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive in which it takes about 30 minutes from Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi because the distance is only 18 kilometers. Then, many rocks and white soft sands are seemed along the beach in which the width itself about 5 meters seemed along one a half kilometer. The coastline there is large enough planted naturally by coconut, keben, scaevola sp, pongamia sp and pandan. Standing at the beach, you can see beautiful scenery of Hoga Island and Kaledupa island.
Gendi Waigetsa is one of Wangiwangi’s beaches located in Wailumu village, South Wangiwangi district. You can visit it by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive that just spends 30 minutes from Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi. It is commonly visited by local people for recreation during holiday times. There is also a fishermen’ village. For reducing abrasion, the regional government has already built the sea walls beside the beach (25 meters and 100 meters). White sands are the best characteristic of the beach. There will be some sea plants such as nyamplung, coconut, water lily and waru on the coastline. Visiting the beach, you can see a beautiful seascape freely.
Sousu beach is located in Matahora village, south Wangiwangi district. It will offer you a white sand beach with freely seascape and also a sunrise view in the morning. It has white seashore along the beach that allows you to see Matahora island itself. Then, you can try to have nice experiences in diving and snorkeling. Visiting the beach only takes for about 15 kilometers by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive.
h Waha beach has its tourist attractions over there. You can find it with its beautiful white sands along the beach even the seawater is clear and fresh. As we know, some beaches mostly offer you a view of sea plants like Cemara or spruce and coconut trees. In spite of this, the beach is called by Wakatobi people as Cemara beach. It also attracts you to have nice experiences under the sea through snorkeling and diving. The location of the beach is in Waha village, Wangiwangi district which is about 7 kilometers from Wanci city and can be visited by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive.