Maya Bay is one of tourism places which is near to Tomia. In this bay there is a diving spot which has rows of coral reefs with flower garden shaped, and the variety of barracuda fishes and other colorful reef fishes.
Mari Mabuk is one of the diving sites in Tomia. Various types of coral reefs can be seen here; especially soft corals and coral table decorated with a variety of species bump-head, parrot fish, lion fish, clown fish, turtles and sea snakes.
Ndaa beach is one of the beaches which is worth visiting. The beach is located in another island in Kulati village. It has white sand with clear water, it will make easier for the snorkeler and swimmers to see the scorpion fishes. For photographers, this location will be the best choice to get the panoramic view of the whole beach. Ndaa beach can be reached for about 30 minutes from the Kulati village or Waha sub-district by riding speedboat.
Hu’untete beach is located in the Kulati village, Tomia Island. White sand with rock cliffs and rows of coconut trees along the coast. For turtles, this longest beach in Tomia Island has become the location to lay eggs. A number of diving spots scattered on the beach and becomes the location to dive. For Kulati people, the beach is also remembered as hideaway beach, where former Kulati residents hide from the Portuguese in a cave near the beach.
It is located in highland. It is possibly for anybody to enjoy the Tomia beauty; white sand beaches, small islands, a clump of trees and sunset. This location is known as Peak Kahianga. This area can be reached by bike or car. It takes about 15 minutes from the capital Tomia district.
The tourism object of Mari Mabuk is located in Waha sub-district, Tomia district. This location can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for 10 Minutes from the capital of Waha sub-district, Tomia district. In Tourism Object of Mari Mabuk, there are view of the beach, the sunset and see the people’s activities when it is low tide, like looking for shells, sea slugs, pig thorns, fish and other activities. There is a Selly Beach Coffee Shops that provides Saraba, hot coffee, tea and cold drinks and also various fried and other snacks.
The tourism object of Kasilapa bay is located in the Teemoane village. It takes around 15 minutes from the Capital District. This object can be reached by two-wheeled and four wheels vehicles. In the Kasilapa Bay, we can also see beach landscape, sunset, Bajo Lamanggau village, and in this location, there is still a coral fossil. Not far from this bay there is Triputri Singing house serving drinks and food. It also has 4 VIP rooms.
Tanjuang Oa Lamalaju is located in Onemay sub-district, Tomia district. It can be reached by riding two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. We can see the sunrise and at the evening we can see Onemay’s natural scenery of the settlement from above. We can also see panorama in Kaledupa island. Not far from Tanjung Oa Lamalaju, there is viewing post or gazebo; it is the place to see Onemay people’s activities at low tide, where a number of people looking for shells, sea slugs, thorn pigs, fish and other activities.
Hondue beach has white sand beach and clear sea water. The best place to see the sunset. In front of the coast, there are rocks shaped table that becomes a favorite location for diving and snorkeling. This beach is located in Kollo Soha village and can be reached by using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for about 15 minutes from the Waha village, the Capital District of Tomia.
Soka Beach Village is located in Kollo Soha village, Tomia District. Besides this place is used for diving and snorkeling, it is also often used by locals as the location to see the sunset and jogging. In this beach, there is a Selly water source, the water is tasteless even it is near the beach. This water source comes from the rock wall. It can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for 30 minutes from the Waha village, the Capital District of Tomia.
Waitii beach is mangrove vegetated, located in West Waitii village, Tomia district. In this place, the tourists can see the fishing activities in the coast. Across the coastal village, there is the beauty of Bajo Lamanggau. This location can be reached with a two-wheeled vehicle or four-wheeled vehicles approximately for 15 minutes from the Waha village, the Capital District of Tomia.