Peropa beach is one of the tourism objects in Peropa village. This beach has approximately 9 kilometers distance from the capital district. It takes about 30 minutes by riding motorbike or car. This beach has beautiful sea water and the sand is quite nice and also the panoramic sunset (sunset). In this place, tourists can see the village people activities in Peropa fishing using traditional fishing gear such as sero (fish traps made of woven bamboo with neat lengthwise). Locals use the beach Peropa as a local fishing boat moorings or the place for fishermen. This beach already had the facilities made by the local people such as bale-bale (huts).
Langgira beach is located in Sombano village, Kaledupa district. This white sand beach can be reach by riding two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles and a motor boat that mileage around nine kilometers from the capital district of Kaledupa, Ambeua. Unlike Hoga Island, this beach belongs to local people who are deliberately make it as the tourism object. The white sand in this beach is really beautiful.
Sombano beach is located in Sombano village of Kaledupa District. It takes ± 15 minutes from the capital city districts. Sombano beaches have white sand and palm tree lined. It will be the right moment to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.