Village of the Seafaring Bajo People
Mola is located in the western part of Wangi-Wangi, one of the largest islands in Wakatobi District. Kapota island, the village is located just 1,5 km from Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi District, and 28 km from Matahora Airport.

Mola is inhabited by the Bajo, a seafaring people, who have setled on Wangi-Wangi island since 1958. As descendants of sea nomads, Mola’s people have passed down their bajo culture from generation to generation, including knowledge and skills about living on and from the sea.

A visit to the largest and densest Bajo settlement in Wakatobi –perhaps in the world- offers a maritime experience to complete your trip to Wakatobi.

Mola Attractions

This journey at down allows visitors to best friends ofthe Bajo Mola fishermen – dolphins. Riding in a bodi – a large boat built by the Bajo Mola community – and accompanied by the rays of the rising sun, visitors will be taken to the waters surrounding Kapota island, where the dolphins usually appear in the morning, and also observe the morning activities of the Bajo Mola fishermen in these waters. Sharpen your eyesight and hearing to catch a glimpse of these speedy marine mammals and refresh the values of friendship through this exciting trip.
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat and your sunglasses (if needed)
  • Since wild animals are involved, we cannot guarantee they will appear
This tour takes visitors on a walk through the narrow alleys of the settlement where the Bajo now live in Mola. By observing the objects and activities of their daily life, visitors are invited to learn not just about the strong maritime heritage and traditions of the Bajo Mola people, but also about their philosophy and values as passed down through the generations. It is hoped that this tour will inspire visitors to reflect on their own philosophy and values of life.
Notes: wear sunscreen and a hat and bring your sunglasses (if needed)
Take this tour to experience riding in a lepa, a traditional Bajo boat built  by the local people, along the fiew remaining canals in Mola. Visitors will experience the maritime lifestyle of the Bajo, and learn about the important role of the sea for Bajo people as well as the role of the Bajo Mola pepole in fishery and the economy of Wakatobi and of Indonesia as awhole. Take the tour in the late aftermoon to watch the beautiful sunset and imagine how the Bajos ancestors enjoyed the stunning beauty of the sea for many centuries.
Notes :
  • wear sunscreen and a hat and bring your sunglasses (if needed)
  • tour schedule depends on the tide
Complete your visit to Mola by enjoying the traditional food and snacks of the Bajo Mola. Order and savour the flavour of nasi jagung, kasuami pepe, gadoh, kampileh papi, jepa, ledo and many other delicacies prepared by the ladies of Mola, or visit Mola Selatan Night Market for a more challenging cullinary adventure that will inspire you and expand your range of indonesian culinary experience.