Anano Island is a small uninhabited island that became part of the Wakatobi archipelago. The island is located next easternmost tip of Wakatobi, facing directly to Buru Sea and the Banda Sea. Besides having beautiful beaches with smooth white sand, it is also a favorite place for the turtle to lay their eggs, so this island is also known as Thousand Turtles Island. There are two types of turtles which are often found in this island, namely the green turtle, also known as Honu and hawksbill which is known as Koila. Many students and researchers come to this place to observe the existence of the turtles even though the frequency of arrival of the turtles is quite minimal monthly. For green turtles themselves are usually routinely spawn during the full moon night. This green turtle usually comes down to the beach in the early hours of time to spawn. Trying to avoid any human activity there and breed their offspring. Not only known as the place where the turtles lay their eggs, this island also offers another exotic side. In this island you can dive to enjoy the beauty of underwater which is really beautiful. In addition, the atmosphere of the beach which is offered is quite fascinating. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset in this island.
Anano Island can be reached by sea line from the District Tomia by reading boats rented by the local community with a travel time for 4 hours long. It will be faster if you ride a speedboat of Wakatobi National Park, Koila, it has the same name as one of the turtle which often come to this island, with shorter travel time which only take one hour drive. From your Runduma Island could easily lead to Anano Island.